"Mrs Oliver" Stotz

Seventh-Day-Adventist Church:1968-05-14 Frederic, Wisconsin 1)Det finns en bild i The lake union Herald på Mrs Oliver Stotz och hennes svärmor med texten:

"The ladies of the Frederic Welfare Center display the contents of a welfare box that they made up for emergency use. The box contains a bible and a booklet entitled "The Belief and Work of Seventh-Day-Adventists", one wool quilt, two sheets, two pillowslips, a mattress cover, a bedspread, a dishcloth and two dish towels. Occasionally pillows, rugs, doilies and tablecloths are added.

The boxes are kept stored in their welfare center to be used in the event a burned-out family needs immediate help. The ladies in the picture are Mrs Kenneth Nelson, Mrs Luella Peppenger, Mrs J C Stotz and Mrs Oliver Stotz."

Barn med Oliver G Stotz (1928 - 1996)

Kathleen Stotz
Alan Stotz


1928 Partnern Oliver G Stotz föds 1928.
1968 Seventh-Day-Adventist Church 1968-05-14 Frederic, Wisconsin.  1)
1996 Partnern Oliver G Stotz dör 1996-10-05 Frederic Polk County, Wisconsin 2).


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