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Helen Anna Bergstrom

Blev 81 år.

Far:Albert Theodor Bergström (1866 - 1940)
Mor:Marisa/Maud? Grunden Bergstrom (1872 - )

Född:1899-04-08 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States 1)1922-07-28 New York passenger list:
[the following entry is crossed out]:
Bergstrom, Helen Anna
age 23, Swedish citizen. Born Chicago, U.S.A. [at the bottom of the page it states her info is to be transferred to the U.S. citizen list.
Here is her birth in Cook County, Illinois:
Name: Anna Bergstrom
Birth Date: 8 Apr 1899
Birth Place: Cook, Illinois
Ethnicity: American
Gender: Female
Race: White
Father Name: Theodor Bergstrom
Father's Birth Place: Sweden
Father's Age: 32
Mother Name: Marisa Grunden Bergstrom
Mother's Birth Place: Sweden
Mother's Age: 27
FHL Film Number: 1288020
Bosatt:1928 California from Havana, CubaHelen is in a few ship lists, a couple of times traveling with the Butz family, for example: 1928 arriving in California from Havana, Cuba.
Bosatt:1930 Higland Park, Lake County, Illinois 2)1930 Highland Park, Lake County, Illinois. Single. Working as a companion/ servant in a wealthy family: widow Theodore Butz and his son and daughter.
Död:1980-10-01 Santa Barbara, California 3)Here is her death in California:

Name: Helen Anna Bergstrom
Social Security #: 354144654
Sex: Female
Birth Date: 8 Apr 1899
Birthplace: Illinois
Death Date: 1 Oct 1980
Death Place: Santa Barbara
Mother's Maiden Name: Grundene


1899 Födelse 1899-04-08 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States.  1)
1899 Systern Anna Bergstrom föds 1899-04-08 Cook, Illinois 4).
1901 Systern Esther Mary Bergstrom föds 1901 Chippenham, Wilts., England 1).
1903 Halvsystern Hilda Elizabeth Bergstrom föds 1903 Chippenham, England 5).
1928 Bosatt 1928 California from Havana, Cuba.
1930 Bosatt 1930 Higland Park, Lake County, Illinois.  2)
1940 40 år Fadern Albert Theodor Bergström dör 1940-03-16 Highland Park, Lake, Illinois 6).
1980 81 år Död 1980-10-01 Santa Barbara, California.  3)


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