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Arthur Theodore Bergstrom

mechanical engineer steel manufacturers. Blev 94 år.

Far:Albert Theodor Bergström (1866 - 1940)
Mor:Marisa/Maud? Grunden Bergstrom (1872 - )

Född:1897-12-31 4641 Magnolia Ave. Chicago, Illinois 1)Arthur T., son, 32, single. Born Illinois, parents born Sweden. Mechanical Engineer, steel manufacturers. World War 1 veteran.
World War I:1917-07-23 American Consulate, Bristol, England 2)Son Arthur is found in the U.S. World War 1 draft registration:

American Consulate, Bristol, England
July 23, 1917

Arthur Theodore Bergstrom, age 20.
Home Address: 73 Marshfield Chippenham, Wilts.
Date of birth: Dec. 31st 1897
Natural born Citizen, Chicago, Illinois.
Profession: Engineers Pupil
Employer: Saxby and Farmer, Ltd.
Where employed: Chippenhyam, Wilts.
medium height, medium build, blue eyes, ligth brown hair.
Bosatt:1920 Chippenham, Wilts., England 3)Bergrstrom, Theodore, 73 Marshfield rd
Pinfield, Henry Geo. 47 Marshfield rd, vem är han?
Arthur is found on a 1920 ship list entry in New York, returning to Chicago after being discharged from the U.S. army.
Död:1992-12-07 Orange County, California 4)Arthur died on December 7, 1992 in Orange County, California. Mother's maiden name: Grundene. The Chicago Tribune newspaper carried an obituary for him on December 23, 1992. I don't have access to that archive.

He served in the U.S. National Guard in Chicago.
Albert Theodore's son Arthur and daughter Helen are buried in the town of Santa Barbara, California, sharing a gravestone. In that same cemetery is a John Bergstrom, born 1867, died 1934. When you look at the census information, he seems to be a good match for Albert's brother.;

I found someone in the state of Illinois who is a possible match for brother Carl, but not enough at all to call him a match. Beth


1897 Födelse 1897-12-31 4641 Magnolia Ave. Chicago, Illinois.  1)
1899 1 år Systern Helen Anna Bergstrom föds 1899-04-08 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States 5).
1899 1 år Systern Anna Bergstrom föds 1899-04-08 Cook, Illinois 6).
1901 Systern Esther Mary Bergstrom föds 1901 Chippenham, Wilts., England 5).
1903 Halvsystern Hilda Elizabeth Bergstrom föds 1903 Chippenham, England 1).
1917 19 år World War I 1917-07-23 American Consulate, Bristol, England.  2)
1920 Bosatt 1920 Chippenham, Wilts., England.  3)
1940 42 år Fadern Albert Theodor Bergström dör 1940-03-16 Highland Park, Lake, Illinois 7).
1980 82 år Systern Helen Anna Bergstrom dör 1980-10-01 Santa Barbara, California 8).
1992 94 år Död 1992-12-07 Orange County, California.  4)


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