A One's Cocker Spaniels

Askersund National, August 12, 2001
Judge: Susie Svoldgaard, Denmark
41 Cockers entered excl puppies

Old photo, today was no weather for photographing, wet, wet, wet ...

Best of Breed/3Best in Group 8/Best Champion:
DT BSG 2000 SU(u)CH Blue Satin Forever A One´s
(DTCH VDHCH SU(u)CH FINUCH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz
(not entered today!) & NUCH Blue Satin Dazzling Diamonds)
Owner: Ann Swaerd

BOS/Best Champion Dog:
SVCH Dualdigni´s Dignity
(SUCH Tomboys Mister Mc Cloud & SVCH SUCH Dualdigni´s Bring-Me-Luck)
Owner: Maud Norstroem

Best Junior Dog/HP:
Westerner Hi-Flyer
(Westerner Blowin´ Free & Samcock´s Sun-E)
Owner: Marie Loré

Best Dog 15-24 months/5th Best Dog/CAC:
Matchpoint´s Different Choice
(Waterwood The Diplomat & Matchpoint´s A Piece Of Difference)
Owners: Anna & Kristina Toerling

Best Dog Open Class/4th Best Dog/Champion today!:
Moonshadow Dutchman
(HOLLCH Fingolfin´s No Limits & Fingolfin´s Potpie At Moonshadow)
Owner: Ing-Britt Mattsson

Best Veteran/BIS3 Veteran/3rd Best Dog:
Westerner Blowin´ Free
(Westerner Bless The Light & Westerner New Day Rising)
Owner: Marie Loré

Best Junior Bitch/HP:
Westerner Angel Heart
(Carillo Cloud Nine & Westerner Wild At Heart)
Owners: Gabriella & Lena Stenius

Best Bitch 15-24 months/CAC/4th Best Bitch:
Lagromi Hey-Day In Your Life
(Apelhoejdens Whisky Sour & Lagromi Black Magic Reward)
Owners: Hans & Anette Magnusson

Best Bitch Open Class/3rd Best Bitch/Champion today! Congrats!:
Westerner Wild At Heart
(Westerner Blowin´ Free & Westerner Forest Sno´white)
Owner: Inger Ivarsson

Best Breeder´s Group/BIS3 Breeder´s Group
(2 dogs & 2 bitches - one of which on HEAT - handled by 2 persons in couples! What an achievement!):
Kennel Westerner