A One's Cocker Spaniels

LITW-99 Fools Alibaba

Kennelbourne Yankie Doodle

Pentavy Whispering Pine
(dark orange roan)
Pentavy Property Man
Taravale Sweet Serena of Pentavy
Kennelbourne Hand Maid
Kennelbourne Maybe (tricolor)
Styvechale Star Bright of Kennelbourne (blue/roan)
Breeze Jealous Lover
(blue roan)

FINUCH Lindridge Buccaneer
(blue roan)

Oldberrow Scorched Earth of Coppynook (liver/roan)
Lindridge Sugar Sweet (blue/roan)
Breeze Jane-Hellen
SF & J UCH Wildfire Witonen (tricolor)
Breeze Zandra (orange/roan)
DT CH VDHCH FINUCH WW-98 DT BSG 97 Moonlight Mattie Vom Rauhen Holz (blue roan) LUXCH PORTCH Stodale Dragon´s Sonata
PORTCH Lynwater Tiger Moth
(blue roan)
Harris of Lynwater
Lynwater Mayfly
Lulu´s Back In Town From Duntarvie
(blue roan)
Lynwater Lewis of Quasar
Thanatol Blue Mist
DTCH VDHCH LUXCH DT BSG 93 94 EU SG 94 Blue Pearl Vom Rauhen Holz (blue roan) DT CH VDHCH LUXJCH 90 Ramiro Vom Rauhen Holz (blue roan) Craigleith Fieldfare
VDHCH TYSKCH Hella vom Rauhen Holz  photo
Ilonka Vom Rauhen Holz Chart Topper at Classicway
Frauke von der Pußta

A One´s Fat Boy Slim is owned by Dr Mauro Anselmo Alves, Brazil. Litter sister: A One´s April Fool, is she still alive, haven't heard a word since she left me?