A One's Cocker Spaniels
Geraniums 2007-2008

Scarlet Rosebud at Midsummer (photo Carl F)

Angel Geraniums Cransley Star

4 x Denise

Catherine Wheels & Mini Geranium, who really love the school athmosphere

Dresden Pink (partly hiding a red mini geranium) & Mikael O (I think. It changes colours.) in classroom A309

Kronprinzessin Mary White Rosebud (photo Carl F) & Pink Happy Thought

Peppermint Star & Lena's Mårbacka

Victoria Andrea & French Vanilla

French Vanilla (photo Carl F) - the pink little beauty is Torsång, a gift from Linda, just love it

 Fireworks Light Pink

Kronprinzessin Mary White Rosebud, Madame Thibault and Skelly's Pride

2 x Stadt Bern, Contrast & Wilhelm Langot

Red Rosebud, Wilhelm Langot & Graffiti White (at school)

Kronprinzessin Mary White Rosebud (photo Carl F) & Scarlett Rosebud

Finger Geraniums & Avenida Mosaik Red

After all the photographing my lime pie tasted wonderful