A One's Cocker Spaniels

Hasslarp Spaniel- & Retriever Club, June 4, 2001
Dr Peter Beyersdorf, President of the German Jagdspaniel-Klub
41 Cockers excl puppies


A huge Thank You to speaker Mrs Lilian Jonsson, who kept our spirits up despite the HORRIBLE marschy ground conditions from heavy raining the day before!
Eventually the sun appeared for the finals.

BOB/Best Champion Dog/BIS4 (Aake Sjoestroem):
VDHCH DTCH FINUCH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz
(LUXCH PORTCH Stocdale Dragon´s Sonata & VDHCH DTCH LUXCH DTBSG 93 94 EUSG 93 Blue Pearl Vom Rauhen Holz)
Owner: Ann Swaerd

BOS/Best Bitch 15-24 months/CAC:
Kriss Top´s Joy of My Life
(DTJCH SCHCH Yoopie la Vie du Bois des Amourette & Line Sam Gina)
Owner: Ann-Kristin Salomonsson

Best Junior Dog:
Bright Dream´s the Great Pretender
(Pilula´s Nonus Neinar Chokolademand & Joycock´s Real Bright Dream)
Owners: Petur Hannesson, Olof Molander, A-C Maelberg

Best Dog 15-24 months/2nd Best Dog/CAC:
Kriss Top´s Walk of Life
(DTJCH SCHCH Yoopie la Vie du Bois des Amourette & Line Sam Gina)
Owner: Aasa Knutsson

Best Dog Open Class/3rd Best Dog:
Zvenskens Zamelzurium
(Charbonnel A One´s Tonka & Zvenskens Zazza)
Owner: Ann-Katrin Jeppsson

Best Junior Bitch/4th Best Bitch:
Strandmarkens Catch the Wind
(Stocdale Let´s Talk About Rain & Brightwood´s Share of Gold)
Owner: Kristina Honnér

Best Bitch Open Class/2nd Best Bitch:
DT BSG 2000 Blue Satin Forever A One´s
(VDHCH DTCH FINUCH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz & NUCH Blue Satin Dazzling Diamonds)
Owner: Ann Swaerd

Best Champion Bitch/3rd Best Bitch:
(NORDUCH Westerner Forest Blaze & SUCH DKUCH Oerlidens Living Doll)
Owners: Boerje & Theres Johansson

Best Veteran/5th Best Bitch:
Zvenskens Zazza
(Zvenskens Clever Knight & Zvenskens Rozeneternell)
Owner: Ann-Katrin Jeppsson

Best Puppy of Breed 4-6 months:
Roqfolly Rambling Rose
(Speechhouse Pistachio & Roqfolly Rosie Carver)
Owner: Christina Daniels

Best Puppy of Breed 6-9 months:
Line Sam Orbit
(born Sept 7, 2000)
(DTJCH SCHCH Yoopie la Vie Bois des Amourette & Line Sam Beatrix)
Owner: Tord Lundborg

BOS Puppy 6-9 months:
Backhill´s Farah Diba (born Nov 7, 2000)
(VDHCH DTCH FINUCH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz & Backhill´s Doris Day)
Owner: Karin Staaf

Best Breeder´s Group:
Kennel Allert´s

BOB/BOS Hasslarp June 3, judge Randi Hjorthoej, Denmark
BOB: Travis Punchline
BOS: Guldkulans Crash Boom Bang

rain, rain, rain ...