A One's Cocker Spaniels


TYSKCH VDHCH SV91 DT BSG 94 Charbonnel A One´s Macho
Cocker of the Year 1993


Helenwood Sounds Familiar

GBSHCH Quettadene Emblem

GBSHCH Sorbrook Christmas Knight (black)

Quettadene Fascination (bl/tan)

GBSHCH Helenwood Amerella

GBSHCH Bidston Top of the Pops (black) FN Carrier

GBSHCH Helenwood Capelle (red)

Salora Painted Angel of Covana

Cornbow Kilcashel of Kells

Kells Clansman of Cornbow

Cornbow Nightshade

Sorbrook Black Gem

Sorbrook Beech Boy.

Sorbrook Whirli-Gig

Sofus Piping Hot
GBSHCH Spinneyhill Sadler
Quettadene Emblem (black) Sorbrook Christmas Knight (black)

Quettadene Fascination (bl/tan)

Spinneyhill Shadow

Canigou Victor of Cornbow

Spinneyhill Sweet Dreams
Merrybeck Melodymaker of Spinneyhill
PRA Carrier

Glowhill Gladiator of Snowgate

Kavora Barley Corn

Sunshine of Glowhill

Broomleaf Bright Melody GBSHCH Broomleaf Bright Memory (black)
Broomleaf Beloved