A One's Cocker Spaniels

Judges With Integrity

I find it necessary to point out that the only person who could make me change my opinion about a judge's qualities
as a judge, e g integrity, is the judge in question, when executing his commission as a judge. Ann/March 19, 2010

Club secretaries sometimes ask me to propose names of qualified breed judges with high integrity to judge at their shows, judges who ...

... judge by the breed standard and overall impression of a dog
... are not blinded by movements or other details
... are friendly to all dogs, exhibitors and spectators
... have style
... never take their eyes from a dog when it is asked to move around the ring
... do their utmost to point out the advantages rather than disadvantages with each dog, never insult the handler/owner with condescending comments
... help out and show patience when they see that a handler, or a dog, is a novice
... can cope professionally with a large number of entries in each class
... have the language to write a comprehensive critique for each dog
... maintain a low profile on the internet, do not slander fellow breeders/judges/exhibitors around the world and their doings on email lists,
    do NOT keep telling the world who is their current best mate/soulsister and the like
... in fact never utter a negative word about other judges/breeders/show competitors or their dogs
... are non-political, i e are completely unselfish as to the dog they favour for BOB, e g do not set up a dog for BOB expecting its owner
    to do the same for him/her at an other show; swapping of favours
... judge by the rule 'best dog wins', not 'you won with your dog, so you can not win with your bitch too', trying to do some obscure kind of justice
... are extra critical as to the progeny of dogs of their own breeding
... do not use alcohol when executing their judging commission, hopefully not even the night before
... cannot be bribed, no matter what
... do not dash about showing exhibitors photos of their own dogs during the breaks
... do not favour friends and colleagues or even compatriots
... do not write hate letters to kennel clubs to 'punish' exhibitors/breeders whom they do not like and
... do not try to rule the cocker spaniel clubs around the world

Here are some names that I gladly share, don't know if they are all still around:

Judge Prefix Origin
Moray Armstrong Bitcon
Geir Aronsen Casein
Dr Peter Beyersdorf  
Monica Blaha  
Ronny Blomme  
Michael Boothroyd  
Mark Boswell Marquell
Hans J Brunotte  
Maudie Burke  
Elsbeth Clerc  
Ado Cornelius Widukind's
Tom Creamer  
Deirdre Crofts  
Brian Cummins  
Ann Cuthbert  
Joanna Darby Classicway
Rony Doedijns  
Paolo Dondina  
Louise Dorr  
Barbara Engländer vom Pointenbach
Sandra Fleming Palacecraig
Michael Gadsby  
Roy Garner Chrisandre
Jinty Gill Davis Rosecourt
Rui Goncalves  
Pamela Halkett Wiljana
Jostein Halvorsen Bomway
James Hayward  
Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen  
Gerry Hickey  
Patsy Hollings Gunalt
K G Holmes  
Karl-Erik Johansson  
Tuija Kaipainen Sheerclever
Magdalena Karlsson Disodil's
Geoff Kill  
Horst Kliebenstein  
Yvonne Knapper  
Denis Kuzelj  
Leila Kärkäs  
Christen Lang  
Helge Larsen  
Penny Lester Quettadene
Virginia Lyne  
Fonia Mace Fonesse
Mike Masters Manchela
Robert McCormack-Kelly  
Ken McFarlane, England Maxway
Jane Mitchell Glowhill
Peter Morgan Spinneyhill
Carolyn Muirhead Shipden
Colin Muirhead Shipden
Adam Murray Worlewood
Kjell Nielsen Dream Max
Geoff Parkin Mistfall
Tony Pascoe Trewinnard
Luis Pinto Teixeira  
Sandra Radomski (vom Rauhen Holz) All Spaniel breeds!
Dr Kazimierz Sciesinski  
Carol West Sheigra
Barbara Skilton  
Ferelith Somerfield Oudenarde
Regine Sommer Meiendorf
Susie Svoldgaard  
John Thirlwell Ferndel
Harry Vella   Malta
Barbara Ward Wensum
Frank Whyte Kazval
David Wong  
Wil de Vries-Hoogland
Rodney Wyatt Kendalwood
Philip Young Cannyon
Silva Zeferino  

Of course there is a 'black' list too.