A One's Cocker Spaniels

The Swedish Spaniel- & Retriever Club Karlstad November 30, 2002
Judge: Mrs Anja Puumala, Kennel Leavenworth
A highly qualified breed-specialist judge and the breeder of legendary NV85 Leavenworth Kiss´n Success, Cocker of the Year 1984, 1985 & 1986 in Sweden.
A super quality non-exaggerated red dog as close to the standard as you can possibly get. Like so many other Leavenworths.
A One´s is very proud of a BOB award to one of its Cocker Spaniels from their breeder!

Saga´s daughter & Hansi´s granddaughter A One´s Lily of the Valley made her debut!

All photos Jeanette Carlsson                    A One´s Lily of the Valley winning BOB and ... her litter sister A One´s Felicity was 2nd in junior class

BEST IN SHOW3/Best of Breed/CAC/Best Junior Bitch/Best Bitch (only 9 months old!):
A One´s Lily of the Valley    professionally handled by Karoline Djerf!
"Vackert huvud o uttryck, bra hals o överlinje, bra förbröst o benstomme, ganska välvinklade skuldror, bra kropp, mycket välvinklad bak, rör sig bra."
(Northworth A True Ashgrove & SU(u)CH DT BSG 2000 Blue Satin Forever A One´s)
Owner: Ann-Kristin Olsson

2nd Best Junior Bitch:
A One´s Felicity
"Mycket vackert huvud och uttryck. Bra hals. Något rak skuldra. Önskas något mer förbröst. Bra benstomme. Mycket bra kropp. Välvinklad bak. Rör sig bra. Vacker päls."
(Northworth A True Ashgrove & SU(u)CH DT BSG 2000 Blue Satin Forever A One´s)
Owner: Jeanette Carlsson

BEST IN SHOW3/Best Puppy of Breed 6-9 months:
Manaca´s Of Course
(VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz & SU(u)CH Manaca´s In Your Dream)
Owner: Karoline Djerf

Best Open Class Bitch/4th Best Bitch:
Apelhöjdens Rhapsody in Rock
(Northworth A True Ashgrove & NORDV00 SU(u)CH Shanaz Flim Flam)
Owner: Gunilla Eriksson

Best Champion Bitch/2nd Best Bitch:
SU(u)CH Apelhöjdens Rhapsody in Blue
(Shanaz Scoop & NORDV00 SU(u)CH Shanaz Flim Flam)
Owner: Ann Hallgren

Best Veteran Bitch/3rd Best Bitch:
SU(u)CH Lagromi Black Magic Reward
(Greentree Gentlemen´s Agreement & Apelhoejdens Phantom Lady)
Owner: Maria Ingvarsson

A glimpse of BOS

Best (Open Class) Dog/CAC/BOS:
Cardamine Baked Potato
(Cardamine Hot Potato & Cardamine Rose Adagio)
Owner: Anders Carlsson

Best Champion Dog/2nd Best Dog:
SU(u)CH Apelhöjdens Whisky Sour
(Lynwater Diamond Drill & Apelhöjdens Lovely Lisa)
Owner: Maria Ingvarsson

BIS Breeder´s Group:
Kennel Apelhöjdens
Owner: Gunilla Eriksson

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