A One's Cocker Spaniels

Falconers Envoy of Ware (blue roan)

INTCH Ouaine Chieftain
FN Carrier
Crackshill Tricolour of Ide CH Domino Of Ide
Gaytime Of Ide
Ouaine Panderosa Buryhill Cedar
Ouaine Pandora
Falconers Lovesong of Ware SHCH Falconers Herold of Ware Thornfalcon Fanfare of Ware Thanks Sandra!
Falconer's Brenda of Ware Thanks Sandra!
Summer Rain of Ware High Venture of Ware Thanks Sandra!
Longfield Tinsel Thanks Sandra!
Chrisolin Cantata
PRA Carrier
Styvechale Sequence of Hobmoor Styvechale Marstondale Mandarin Styvechale Courtdale Blue Ensign Thanks Sandra!
SHCH Marstondale Nanette Thanks Sandra!
Styvechale Soriana Styvechale Courtdale Blue Ensign
Styvechale Salita
Barsac Dressage Wells Fargo of Weirdene
PRA Carrier
Weirdene Barnscar Fisher
Weirdene Trech Zenda
Roydwood Rare Silk CH Lucklena Musical Director Thanks Sandra!
Swyndridge Stain Slipper Thanks Sandra!

 Sandra Bozzolo of Puck's, Uruguay, is an unfailing source of joy, helpfulness and uncompromising attitude as to the welfare of our breed! Thank you for YOU!