A One's Cocker Spaniels

SSRK Motala October 27, 2001

Judge: Carolyn Muirhead (Kennel Shipden)

60 entries excl 14 puppies

Winning Best In Show would be NOTHING without your cheersection!
Thanks Monica, Stig-Olov, Britt-Marie, the kept swinging Anders Carlsson & Christina for your strong support!
Karin Staaf took all the photos.

Best Champion Dog/BOB/ BEST IN SHOW:
VDHCH DTCH SU(u)CH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz
(LUXCH PORTCH Stocdale Dragon´s Sonata &
VDHCH DTCH LUXCH DTBSG 93 94 EUSG 93 Blue Pearl Vom Rauhen Holz)
Owner: Ann Swaerd

Best Bitch 15-24 months (This class does not exist any more!)/BOS:
Shakimas What A Surprise
(Shakimas Norton Commander & Shakimas Your Baby Blue)
Owner:Ann-Catrine Bergh

Best Junior Dog/5th Best Dog:
Line Sam Orbit
(DTJCH SCGCH Yoopie La Vie Du Bois Des Amourette & Line Sam Beatrix)
Owner: Tord Lundborg

Best Dog 15-24 months/2nd Best Dog (This class does not exist any more!):
Claramand B´Dazzled
(Claramand Hotshot & Claramand The Jazz Singer)
Owner: Elisabeth Andersson

Best Dog Open Class/3rd Best Dog:
Claramand Xtra Special
(Claramand Hotshot & Clarmand Hotsox)
Owner: Anette Persson

Best Veteran (Dog)/BIS2 Veteran?:
Cockados Major Tom
(Carillo Sylvester & Cockados Special Prayer)
Owner: Lena Nilsson

Best Working Dog:
Skycocks Wild Turkey
(NUCH Mainels Eastern Wind & Westerstar Dancing Queen)
Owner: Carina Taennstroem

Best Junior Bitch:
Backhills Farah Diba
(VDHCH DTCH SU(u)CH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz & NUCH SU(u)CH Bakhills Doris Day)
Owner: Karin Staaf

Best Bitch Open Class/5th Best Bitch:
Vitahotellets Hafsoern
(Lynwater Blackcap & Camillos Nighingale)
Owner: Anders Carlsson

Best Champion Bitch/2nd Best Bitch:
SU(u)CH Manacas Alice In Chains
(Stocdale American Prayer & Manacas Chain Reaction)
Owner: Monica Forsander

3rd Best Bitch:
DT BSG 2000 SU(u)CH Blue Satin Forever A One´s
(VDHCH DTCH SU(u)CH Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz)
Owner: Ann Swaerd

4th Best Bitch:
NUCH SU(u)CH Backhills Doris Day
(NUCH Travis Fool For You & Stora Barnviks Blue Nun)
Owner: Karin Staaf

Best Veteran Bitch:
NUCH SV98 KBHV99 00 01 NV99 SU(u)CH Line Sam Knot of Gold
(Charbonnel A´Ones Tonka & Line Sam X-tra Special Edition)
Owner: Tord Lundborg

BIS Puppy (Dog) 4-6 months:
Amberway Action Man At Guldkulan (bl/tan)
(Quettadene Footsteps & Amberway Touch of Gold in Quettadene)
owner: Agneta Sundquist Olofsson

BIS2 Puppy (Bitch) 6-9 months:
Moorleaf Grain of Gold
(Shavian Cosa Nostra & Moorleaf Dream Weaver)
Owner: Monika Pettersson