A One's Cocker Spaniels

Another great show Sunday!
Harstad International, Norway, April 17, 2005

Judge Christen Lang, Norway

photos Anna Wikström

Best (champion) Dog/Best of Breed/CACIB:
SU(u)CH NUCH NordJV2003 Frostwork's Avalanche
(NORDV-03 DECH VDHCH SU(u)CH KBHV-04 Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz & SU(u)CH NUCH Emba's Miss MoneyPenny)
"Mycket god typ. Ädelt huvud. Utmärkt hals och överlinje. Mycket fina kroppsproportioner. Välutvecklat bröst. Bra benstomme. Utmärkta rörelser.
Rikliga behäng. Mycket trevligt temperament"

Owners: Anna & Stefan Wikström

Best Bitch(15-24 months)/CAC/CACIB:
Gold'n Art Amazing Cleopatra
(Carillo Cover For Hope & Travis Fire And Ice)
Owners: Torfinn & Line Gamst

A One's Toreador is litter brother to A One's Eleonora
and a male copy of his mother. (photo Anna Wikström)

Best Dog 15-24 months/CAC/Res CACIB/2nd Best Dog:
A One's Toreador
(ESCH GBSHCH Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober & VDHCH SU(u)CH DT BSG 2000 WW 2003 Blue Satin Forever A One's)
"Mycket god typ. Välskuret huvud med maskulint uttryck. Prima hals och överlinje. Välutvecklat bröst. Utmärkt benstomme. Utmärkta rörelser. Prima päls. Bra temperament"
Owners: Anna & Stefan Wikström

Best Junior Dog/4th Best Dog:
Side By Side's Confessions Are Made
(Margate Bottoms Up & Line Sam Milly)
Owner: Maria Palmqvist

Best Open Class Dog/3rd Best Dog:
Margate Bottoms Up
(Berryhill's Bonfire & Margate What's Up)
Owner: Ulla-Stina Eriksson

Best Open Class Bitch/no CK:
Pop Wov's Cute Costume
(NUCH SU(u)CH Blue Classic A Miracle Is Coming & NUCH Angel)
Owner: Elsa Johanssen

Best Champion Bitch/2nd Best Bitch:
NUCH Angel
(NUCH Carillo Corny Talk & Casein's Blue Velvet)
Owner: Elsa Johanssen

Congratulations to Anna and Stefan Wikström of Frostwork's!  Thanks for the photos!

Karin is photographing a ladybird ...Ann spots a coltsfoot!
It's spring and we're enjoying our first outdoor show of the year!

Nybro April 17, 2005
Judge Mr Börje Johansson, kennel Allert's,
generous, friendly, committed and a GENTLEMAN born and bred!
A huge THANK YOU to Inga-Britt Freij, Lena Heimark, Anne van den Berg, Inja Aronsson &
Camilla Corlenius Johansson for some incredible prizes and a very well-effected show,
including an all-breed open show - against all odds!

Cocos Best in Show!

Best In Show/Best Bitch (15-24 months):
A One's Eleonora
(ESCH GBSHCH Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober & VDHCH SU(u)CH DT BSG 2000 WW 2003 Blue Satin Forever A One's)
Owner: Ann Swärd
"Mycket tilltalande tik full av kvalitet. Vackert feminint huvud. Härligt uttryck. Utmärkt hals och skuldra. Kompakt kropp. Utmärkt förbröst.
Välvinklad. Breda härliga lår. Låg has. Utmärkt pälskvalitet som är väl iordninggjord. Rör sig med ett härligt cockertemperament från alla håll. Välvisad."

Best in Show Reserve/Best (champion) Dog:
SU(u)CH Backhills Garibaldi
(VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH NordV2003 KBHV2004 Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz & Backhills Tribute To Amaretto)
Owner: Karin Staaf

Best Puppy (4-6 months) in Show:
Frostwork's Sign of the Gods
(SU(u)CH NUCH NordJV 2003 Frostworks Avalanche & A One's Daffodil)
Owner: Helen Johansson, full sister to Anna Wikström ;-)

Best Puppy (6-9 months) in Show:
Joycock's Another Angel
(SVCH Joycock's Yoshi & Grimsholmen Electra)
Owner: Pia Beck Friis

Best Dog 15-24 months/3rd Best Dog:
Light Sound My Blue Heaven
(Stocdale Let's Talk About Rain & LIght Sound Karmencita)
Owner. Inger Jönsson

2nd Best Dog 15-24 months/4th Best Dog:
Windendavour's Cambel Town
(Wiljana Ragtrade & Allert's Lovely Godiva)
Owner: Katarina Dehman

Best Veteran Dog/2nd Best Dog:
Love Cox's Passion For Chocolate
(Tomboys Another Chocolate & Westerner Looking Lovely)
Owner: Pia Beck Friis

Best Junior Bitch/5th Best Bitch:
Backhills Katherine Hepburn
(SU(u)CH Powerscourt Pied Piper & SU(u)CH Backhills Farah Diba)
Owners: Helen Franzén Eklund & Karin Staaf

Best Open Class Bitch/4th Best Bitch:
(SU(u)CH Backhills Evening Breeze & Tricksters Sensitive Love )
Owner: Helen Franzén Eklund

Best Champion Bitch/3rd Best Bitch:
SU(u)CH Backhills Farah Diba
(VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH NordV 2003 KBHV 2004 Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz
& SU(u)CH NUCH SV03 NordV 2003 Backhills Doris Day)
Owner: Karin Staaf

Share? No way!

By the way, when Eleonora and Toreador were 9 weeks, not one single Swedish soul was interested in a pup from this litter! Holding out the prospect of putting them all to sleep Anna and Stefan threw themselves down the 1.500 km to Stockholm to pick Toreador up! Thanks for giving Tore a cosy chair in front of the fireplace! And thanks to Helle Dan Pålsson for taking pity on Troubadour from the same litter, now already a champion and Nordic Junior Winner 2004. And to Riikka for loving Teodora, multiple CAC/BOB-Winner, to pieces. And to the Frydenlunds for taking such good care of  Matador and Picador! Troubadour and Teodora have been OptiGen-tested A1, so rare to find in Sweden.

Thank you all for being there! And Eleonora, my gorgeous LEFTOVER ...

Many thanks to Antonio Plaza, Madrid, for making this wonderful litter possible! I will be back with any of my bitches - if you would only eyetest!!!