A One's Cocker Spaniels

The Swedish Spaniel- and Retriever Club, Södertälje, August 25, 2007
Breed Judge: Mrs J P Gill-Davis, kennel Rosecourt
Totally in control of every class, leaving nothing to chance, never taking the eyes from each dog when moving,
making dogs and handlers feel very comfortable and appreciated! Come again soon!

BIS Judge:
Mrs Carole Coode -  please, be a little gentler next time, at least with the dogs!
The American Cocker was just a kid!

44 out of 48 cockers entered (excl pups) showed up.

Best Champion Bitch/Best of Breed/BIS4:
SU(u)CH A One's Fingers Crossed (2 years old)
(Allert's Right On Line & VDHCH SU(u)CH DKUCH WW03 DTBSG2000 Blue Satin Forever A One's)
Owner: Ann Swärd
"Typical head, sweet eye and expression, correct head carriage, good neck and lay of shoulder, correct upper arm, excellent legs and feet.
Correct ribcage. Short back, strong loin, well-turned hindquarters. Correct tail set on and carriage. Sound free mover, excellent coat texture and feathers."

Best Veteran (Dog)/BIS3 Veteran/Best of Opposite Sex:
SU(u)CH Quettadene Lancelot
(GBSHCH Perrytree Sun Dreamer & Quettadene High Society)
Owners: Yvette & Desirée Widenor

Best Puppy 4-6 months of Breed/BIS4:
Shakima's Let's Dance
(SU(u)CH Westerner Aquarious & Shakima's Lambada)
Owner: Ann-Catrine Bergh

Best Puppy 6-9 months of Breed/HP:
Gracewood's Make Stars And Bars
Apelhöjdens More Music & Gracewood's Blur Rose)
Owner: Linda Johansson

Best Junior Dog/CK:
Dualdigni's Kite Flying
(SU(u)CH Westerner Aquarious & Dualdigni's Garden Angel)
Owner: Madelené Ljungkvist

Best Dog 15-24 months/CK:
Manaca's Fellow Feeling
(FINJV05 Almanza Hit the Road Jack & SVCH SU(u)CH Manaca's Unblushinng Dream)
Owner: Carina Jansson

Best Working Dog of Breed/CK/BIS Working Dog:
Skycocks Wild Turkey
(Mainel's Eastern Wind & Weststar Dancing Queen)
Owner: Carina Tännström

Best Open Class Dog/CAC:
Shakima's Mambo
(SU(u)CH CHCH ESCH Corralit Tango & Shakima's What a Surprise)
Owner: Ann-Catrine Bergh

Best Champion Dog/2nd Best Dog:
SU(u)CH Mayday Ardbeg
(Cardamine Baked Potato & Vitahotellets Galadriel)
Owner: Anders Carlsson

2nd Best Champion Dog/3rd Best Dog:
VDHCH DECH SU(u)CH DKUCH KBHV04 NordV03 SV05 Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz (12 years old)
(PTCH LUCH Stocdale Dragon's Sonata & VDHCH LUCH DECH DTBSG93 94 EUSG94)
Owner: Ann Swärd
"Masculine, well-balanced head, good skull and forface, kind eye and expression. Clean neck and shoulders, excellent legs and feet.
Correct ribcage, strong loin and well-turned hindquarters. Sound free mover. In excellent coat and condition."

3rd Best Champion Dog/4th Best Dog:
SU(u)CH SKUCH JEUW06 SV06 Manaca's Beat About the Bush
(Travis Vital Spark & SVCH SU(u)CH NUCH Manaca's Rain Or Shine)
Owners: Yvette & Desirée Widenor

4th Best Champion Dog/5th Best Dog:
SU(u)CH Westerner Cross Country
(Bomway Over the Border & Westerner Fly Me High)
Owner: Cecilia Johansen

Best Junior Bitch/CAC/3rd Best Bitch:
Cockados Best Wishes
(Paisley's Time To Look forward & Lynwater Best Light)
Owner: Gunnel Adolfsson-Lundgren

Best Bitch 15-24 months/4th Best Bitch:
Manaca's Did It For a Dare
Hochachtungsvoll Vonm Schloß Hellenstein & Manaca's Oops I Did It Again)
Owner: Monica Forsander

2nd Best Bitch 15-24 months/5th Best Bitch:
Manaca's Gainst the Grain
(Woodman Black Petrs & Manaca's Undesingned Dream)
Owner: Karoline Djerf

Best Open Class Bitch/CK:
Cockados Shimmering Light
(Lynwater Spruce & Lynwater Best Light)
Owner: Gunnel Adolfsson-Lundgren

2nd Best Champion Bitch/ 2nd Best Bitch:
SU(u)CH Shakima's Cessna
(SU(u)CH Westerner Hi-Flyer & Shakima's What a Surprise)
Owner: Ann-Catrine Bergh