A One's Cocker Spaniels

Tvååker International July 9, 2010, breed & group 8 judge Virginia Lyne, Canada: 72 participating cockers
Tvååker National July 10, breed & group 8 judge Leila Kärkäs, Finland, BIS judge Karl-Erik Johansson: 64 participating cockers

"The bitches are much better than the dogs! I had a tough time with the dogs."

CK-bitches & BOB/BOS July 9 (Suzanne B took the photos with my camera.)

BIG2 on July 9                                                           photo Ragna Hellberg

Groupwinners lined up for the Best In Show finals on July 10:                                                                                                                     photos Ragna Hellberg

BIS C.I.E NORDUCH NORDV07 SV08 KBHV08 NV08 A One's Fingers Crossed (9th from left)
 C.I.B FIJV07 NORDJV07 NORDU(V)CH NORDV07 NORDV08 SU(V)CH SV09 SVCH Bellomis Ecstasy (Standard wire-haired Dachshund, 6th from left)
BIS3 Highflying Up Up And Away (Bearded Collie, 3rd from left)
BIS4 RSCH RUCH Shou Gerat High Fidelity (Afghan from Moscow,1st from left)
BIS5 East Meadows I'll Follow The Sun (Irish Red Setter, 2nd from left)
DK&FIUCH INTUCH JWW08 NUCH NORDUCH NORDV08 NORDV09 SUCH VDHCH Boston Lady's Astrox Fantasy (Bullmastiff, 4th from left)
SV09 Miketos Spicy Black Eyed Peas (Cairn terrier, 5th from left)
NUCH NV09 NORDUCH NORDV08 SV09 Noven's Takar (Shiba, 7th from left)
SVCH Viltvittringen's Tera (Bavarian Mountain Dog, 8th from left)
SUCH Öbarna's Onalie Ola (French Bulldog, 10th from left)

Name of Cocker Class Virginia Lyne, Canada, July 9 Leila Kärkäs, Finland, July 10
A One's Fingers Crossed champion bitch 1 CK/CACIB/BOB/BIG2 1 CK/BOB/BIG/Best In Show All Breeds (3226 dogs of 223 breeds)
Honeywater's Happiness Like Jam champion bitch 2 CK/3rd Best Bitch 2 CK/3rd Best Bitch
Backhills Ravishing Design champion bitch 3 CK 3 CK/5th Best Bitch
Occis Keep the Dream Alive champion bitch 4 CK not entered
Travis Keep It Classy champion bitch missing not entered
Maxi Mates Flying Dutchman champion dog 1 CK/Best Dog/CACIB not entered
Backhills New Design champion dog 2 CK/3rd Best Dog not entered
Occis Just Dream champion dog 3 2 CK/3rd Best Dog
Maxi Mates Isidor the Blacksmith champion dog not entered 1 CK/Best Dog
Allert's Born To Be open class bitch 1-1 CK/4th Best Bitch not entered
Manaca's Gainst the Grain open class bitch 1-2 CK/5th Best Bitch 1-4 CK
Field Pal Miss Strawberry open class bitch 1-3 CK 1-1 CK/4th Best Bitch
Manaca's Dress Designer open class bitch 1-4 not entered
Paisley's Here I Come open class bitch 1-5 1-5
Bernerbitens Iris open class bitch 2 not entered
Bricocks Pier Angeli open class bitch missing missing
Brightwood's Caol Ila open class bitch missing not entered
Emba's Miss Dixi Kola open class bitch 2 1
Emba's Miss Kajsa open class bitch 1 1
Fashionpack's Made of Love open class bitch 1 missing
Grimsholmen Absolut Never Stop open class bitch 1 1
Grimsholmen Lauren Bacall open class bitch 2 1
Guldkulans Miss Saigon open class bitch 1 1-3 CK
Joycock's Another Angel open class bitch 1 1-2 CK
Line Sam Come Fly With Me open class bitch missing missing
Lönnbackens Lovely Lusie open class bitch 1 1
Lönnbackens Sunshine open class bitch 2 1
Maxi Mates Alpha Robe open class bitch not entered 1
Maxi Mates Charmful Robe open class bitch 1 1
Pearl Harbour Blue Sapphire open class bitch 1 1
Perchwater Model of the World open class bitch 2 not entered
Strandmarkens Hortensia open class bitch missing missing
Westerner Divine Magic open class bitch 1 1
Westerner Rainproof open class bitch not entered missing
Emba's Mr Grant open class dog 1-1 CK/CAC/2nd Best Dog 2
Occis Dream Team open class dog 1-2 CK 1
Dualdigni's Kite Flying open class dog 1-3 1-1 CK/CAC/2nd Best Dog/Champion today!
Grimsholmen Absolut Reddy open class dog 1-4 not entered
Allert's Apollo open class dog 1-5 not entered
Cockernest Lyndon open class dog 2 1
Dan-L's Dollar Sign open class dog 1 1
Dragongårdens Sunny Side of the Road open class dog 1 1
Emba's Mr Brolle open class dog 2 not entered
Emba's Mr Hambo open class dog 2 missing
Fashionpack's Knight of Hubertus open class dog 2 missing
Lönnbackens Salted Liquorice open class dog 1 1-3
Manaca's Prim And Proper open class dog missing not entered
Pearl Harbour a Man After Midnight open class dog 1 1
Vesuve des Deux Camelias open class dog missing not entered
Blisston a Song of Sea open class dog not entered 1-4
Cocker Princess Bruce open class dog not entered 2
Maxi Mates Oscar open class dog not entered 1
Maxi Mates Overlord open class dog not entered 1-2 CK/4th Best Dog
Pipaluk's Patrik Swayze open class dog not entered missing
Allert's Corona 15-24 months bitch 1-1 CK/CAC/2nd Best Bitch not entered
Line Sam Hot Geisha " 1-2 CK not entered
Tårpilens All I Want Is You " 1-3 CK 1-5
Travis Smile And Wave " 1-4 1-2
Bernerbitens Julia " 1-5 1-3
Cockanas Cassandra " missing not entered
Elmers Goldmine Zelina Queen " 1 2
Jazz Up's Talk About Tiddley " missing missing
Jazz Up's With Love " 1 2
Lönnbackens Lovisa " 1 2
Lönnbackens Salsa " 1 1-4
Red-Spot " 2 1-1 CK
Westerner Lifeline " 1 1
Estrinah's Lisen " not entered 2
Bernerbitens Rasmus 15-24 months dog 1-1 CK 1-2 HP
Line Sam Clever Mind " 1-2 1-1 CK/5th Best Dog
Noritzas Cream Delight " 2 2
Westerner Force the Game " 2 not entered
Backhills Up Up And Away " not entered missing
Cockanas Castor " not entered 2
Grimsholmen I'm a Shining Star " not entered 2
Village Road Haakon " not entered missing
Blomstergården Sonja junior bitch 1-1 CK? 1-1 CK/CAC/2nd Best Bitch
Cockerblues Mustang Sally " 1-2 HP 1-2 HP
Cockerblues Honky Tonky Woman " 1-3 1
A One's Cross My Heart     "I did my best." " 1-4 not entered
Bricocks Rhododendron " missing missing
Bright Dream's Born To Be Blue " ? 2
Cockergold Yes I'm Rich " 1 1-4
Dragongårdens Wild At Heart " ? 1-3 HP
Light Sound Ulla Min Ulla " 2 2
Lönnbackens Sweet Baby " missing missing
Mixed Dream's Vanilla " 2 1-5
Westerner Puzzle of Dreams " 2 1?
Gladtrick's Dixie " not entered missing
Perchwater Hope 'n' Glory " not entered 1
Zeltzin's Do It In Style junior dog 1-1 CK/4th Best Dog 1-2 HP
Lönnbackens Lakritspuck " 1-2 CK/5th Best Dog 2
Westerner Push Play " 1-3 2
Grimsholmen Why Worry " 1-4 not entered
Alan-Jackson " 1-5 1-1 HP
Cockernest Lufsen " 1 1-3
Grace'n'glory's Saving Seattle " 2 1-4
Gladtrick's Dalton " not entered missing
Classicway Clarity veteran bitch 1 CK  
Travis Hold On to Your Dream veteran bitch not entered 1 CK
Support Don't Give Me Names puppy class Best Puppy (Gascunana Guillamon) -
Oakbeach It's Easy To Remember puppy - Best Puppy (Fredrik Nilsson)
Lönnbackens Salted Liquorice progeny group HP HP
Backhills New Design progeny group missing not entered
Kennel Lönnbacken breeder's group HP HP
Kennel Grimsholmen breeder's group missing not entered
Kennel Emba's breeder's group missing missing
Kennel Westerner breeder's group missing missing
Kennel Maxi Mates breeder's group not entered missing

Sorry about stripping dogs naked of their titles.