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Cocker of the Year 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010
"Fabulous, a real quality cocker who will win in any country
topped by a fabulous personality!"

Bling-Bling and her grandfather Hansi on April 1, 2007

left photo Carl F/right photo Linda Malmstedt

'Bling-Bling' - a once-in-a-lifetime Cocker Spaniel
born July 26, 2005
pedigree with 10-Generation COIs
OptiGen prcd-PRA/FN Normal
No other cocker spaniel has won 9 official junior classes with CK and a total number of entries in his/her class of 77.
11 open class wins/15 CACIBs/10 Sw CACs + Norwegian & Danish CAC/20 BOBs/BIG/BIS and ...
Cocker of the Years 2007,the youngest ever, and 2008 at the age of three years
BIG under John Thirlwell, Ferndel,
BOB under Patsy Hollings, Gunalt/BIG3 under Nils Molin,
Best In Show under Geoff Parkin, Mistfall & BOB under
Michael Dachel,
SU(u)CH/BOB under Magdalena Karlsson/ BIG2 under Ove Germundsson,
BOB under Mrs J P Gill-Davis, Rosecourt/BIS4 under Carole Coode,
BOB under Mr Harry Vella/BIG3 under Hans Rosenberg,
BOB Stockholm Nordic Winner Show December 15, 2007
under Jostein Halvorsen, Bomway, Norway,
BOB/Swedish Winner 2008 at Gothenburg under Mr Rony Doedijns,
the Netherlands, on January 6, 2008.
BOB under Monica Dreijer on March 2, 2008, at Moheda
CAC/NUCH/CACIB/BOB/BIG3 under John Thirlwell (Kari G H) on May 4, 2008, at Kristiansand, Norway.
BOB/CACIB under Mrs Paula
P Heikkinen-Lehkonen at Avesta on June 14, 2008
CAC/CACIB/DKUCH/NORDUCH/KBHV08 at Brøndby, Denmark, on June 28, 2008, under Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Germany.
BOB under Mr Frank Whyte, Kazval, at Tvååker on July 11, 2008.
All before the age of 3 years ... to be continued

"I love every movement, there's nothing I would change,
she doesn't need improvement, she's much too nice to rearrange ..."

Look at those trunks (centre photo) of legs at 4 months! I love her bones! And no other cocker that I have seen has such a strong back as Bling-Bling! And it stays firm no matter how ...

many rounds,
I love that too. Let alone her posture ... but more than anything I love her ATTITUDE!

On June 3, 2006, Bling-Bling won her  first CAC and was 2nd Best Bitch, beaten by her half-sister SU(u)CH DKUCH SV2005 A One's Eleonora,
at Österbybruk under  Mr Jostein Halvorsen, who wrote: "Juniortik av hög kvalitet . Vackert mejslat huvud med gott  uttryck.
Härlig mankhöjd. Passande hals insatt i välvinklad skuldra. En fin juniortik, där kraft och balans passar gott in. Rör sig med stor utstrålning."

On July 29, 2006, Bling-Bling won her 7th junior class, was awarded the bitch CAC and ended up 3rd Best Bitch under Mr Keith Lovell, Australia. At Ransäter National.
"Excellent type and general impression, correct type, excellent balance, very sound mover, good head, eye and expression, correct coat, very sound angulation, body and topline".

At Södertälje SSRK on August 26, 2006, Plink-Plonk won her 9th junior class, CAC and was Best of Breed among 59 cockers, under Mr Adam Murray of Camillus & Worlewood,
and later BIS4 under Mr Ernie Darby of Classicway, owner of late Normanview Midnight Runner of
Classicway, one of my few favourites.
Mr Murray wrote: "13 month, beautiful type, balanced outline, correct head, feminine expression, lovely neck & shoulders. Well-boned legs, lovely feet.
Short deep body, good topline held on the move. Correct rear angulation & tailset. Moved soundly displaying cocker ATTITUDE. Presented beautifully & good coat"
Full report

Bling-Bling relaxing after a swim in the record summer of 2006

Left: "Anybody there?"
Middle: "Well, there was this judge, who had absolutely no clue what he was doing. First he ... you won't believe this, but then he ... no kidding and ..."
Right: "Is that you, Hedgie?"

Yet another CAC was gained, from a huge open class, at The Club Show of the Cocker Spanielklubben, at Stäket, on May 19, 2007.
111 Cockers (excl pups) were entered and Bling ended up Best Bitch under Mrs Jane Mitchell, Glowhill.
The day after Bling-Bling was 3rd Best Bitch, 94 Cockers entered, under Mr John Gillespie, Lochranza, who wrote:
"This is my type of cocker - so compact and type. Excellent neck and shoulders. Nice short body. Excellent mover."

photos Madeleine Ivarsson & Bo Wallin

Bling-Bling had a memorable day at Borås International on July 1, 2007, where she won her 7th consecutive open class/CAC/CACIB/BOB/BIG under Mr John Thirlwell,
thereby beating her grandfather Hansi, who gained his 35th CACIB and was Best Dog, at nearly 12 years of age.

On July 13, 2007, Bling won BOS/CAC no 7, at Tvååker, only beaten by her grandfather Hansi, under Mr David Wong, Australia.
The day after she gained BOB/BIG3/CAC no 8/CACIB no 2 under Mrs Patsy Hollings.

A week later, under Mrs Ann-Christin Johansson, Bling-Bling won Best Bitch/CAC no 9 and CACIB no 3 at Västerås International.
And then, on July 28, 2007, Blingan was Best In Show under Mr Geoff Parkin, Mistfall, at Bjuv, 3rd time within a month Bling and her grandfather Hansi win BOB/BOS.

On August 11, 2007, Bling won her 10th and final CAC, thereby gaining the title Swedish Show Champion, CACIB no 4 and BOB
under Magdalena Karlsson and later BIG2 under Ove Germundsson at Ronneby International, at 2 years and 2 weeks.
Bling has won 11 open classes, in fact all open classes she has been entered to, but one.

On August 18, 2007, Bling-Bling won another CACIB (no 5) & BOB under Mr Michael Dachel, the USA.

Another BOB (no 6) was won at Södertälje (SSRK) on August 25, 2007, under Mrs J P Gill-Davis, Rosecourt/
BIS4 under Mrs Carole Coode, both UK. What a summer.

On September 8, 2007, Bling won her 7th BOB, under Mr Harry Vella, Malta, later BIG3 under Hans Rosenberg.

On December 15, 2007, Bling-Bling won her 8th BOB/Nordic Winner 2007/CACIB/Qualification for Crufts at Stockholm under Mr Jostein Halvorsen, kennel Bomway, Norway.

Three weeks later, on January 3, 2008, Bling-Bling won BOS/another CACIB at Gothenburg under Mr  Silva Zeferino, Portugal and on January 6 she gained yet another title,
Swedish Winner 2008/CACIB no 8/her 9th Best of Breed under Mr Rony Doedijns, the Netherlands. See her move. The strength in those legs is amazing.

On March 2, 2008, Bling-Bling won BOB no 10 under Swedish Monica Dreijer, Nobhill, and on March 16 she gained her 9th CACIB and finished BOS under Denis Kuzelj at Malmö.

Bling-Bling gained a Norwegian CAC and thereby another title, NUCH, CACIB/BOB/BIG3 under John Thirlwell/Kari Granaas Hansen at Kristiansand on May 4, 2008.

On June 8, 2008, she won her 12th BOB/11th CACIB under Rui Goncalves at Vänersborg, a week later BOB/CACIB again under Mrs Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen and ...

... on June 28, 2008, this girl gained three titles at one show, Brøndby, Denmark, i e Danish CAC/CACIB no 13/DKUCH/NORDUCH/KBHV08, under Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Germany.

Bling-Bling won her 14th BOB under Mr Frank Whyte, Kazval, on July 11, 2008. All before the age of 3 years.

Bling-Bling won her 15th BOB, 14th CACIB and Norwegian Winner 2008 at Hamar, Norway, on November 23.

See Great Show Moments

I said I won't touch them, didn't I? Stop nagging ...

Dam line:

NORDUCH C.I.E. SV08 NV08 NordV07 KBHV08 A One's Fingers Crossed (blue roan)´- my last Cocker girl April-Fire (red) - my first Cocker
VDH DKUCH SU(u)CH WW03 DTBSG00 Blue Satin Forever A One (blue roan) Finnwin April Love (red)
NUCH Blue Satin Dazzling Diamonds (blue roan) INTUCH SFUCH SUCH Kenavon Joyous
NUCH Blue Satin Better Days With Me (blue roan) GBSHCH Crackshill Alpine Crocus of Kenavon (red)
NUCH Woodcraft's Blue Shade of Blue (blue roan) Crackshill Tawny Toes
Carillo Christmas Craft (blue roan) Picture Play of Pelynt
Carillo Crispie Girl (black) Pelynt Wistful of Kenavon
Carillo Crisp'N Spicy (black) SHCH Bonny Lass of Kenavon
NUCH Tanac's Sugar'n Spice (red!) Bramble of Kenavon
NUCH Tanac's Gay Souvenir (black) Kenavon Bran of Broomleaf
NUCH Finnwin Nightfall (red!) Bridget of Broomleaf
FINUCH Finnwin Nevernaughty (red!) Balsdon Victoria
FINUCH NUCH Finnwin Herself (?) Buckwheat of Broomleaf
Finnwin Fascination (my sweet Josåfin's, April Fire's, great-grandmother!) (colour?) Barley of Broomleaf
NUCH Astrawin April Love (?) Hudson's Golden Emblem
Astrawin April Flame (red!) Byne Coffee Junket
Astrawin Ambrosia (black) ?
Astrawin Festivity (black) ?
Daphne of Adrawin (red!) ?
Phyllis of Adrawin (?) ?
Nola of Adrawin (?) ?

Duna (?)