A One's Cocker Spaniels

Tvååker National July 11, 2008

Judge Frank Whyte, Kazval, the UK, in total command of the proceeding

76 cocker spaniels participated.

photo Desirée Widenor

Best (Champion) Bitch/Best of Breed/BIG Res:
SU(u)CH NordV07 SV08 NUCH DKUCH NORDUCH KBHV08 A One's Fingers Crossed
(Allert's Right On Line & WW03 VDHCH SU(u)CH DTBSG2000 DKUCH Blue Satin Forever A One's)
Owner: Ann Swärd
"This is beautiful. Feminine cockery without exaggeration, excellent legs and feet. Well-presented in excellent coat and condition"

Best (Champion) Dog/Best of Opposite Sex:
DKUCH JEUW06 NUCH SU(u)CH SV06 SV08 Manaca's Beat About the Bush
(SU(u)CH NUCH Travis Vital Spark & SU(u)CH NUCH SVCH Manaca's Rain Or Shine)
Owners: Yvette & Desirée Widenor

Best Junior Bitch/CK:
Shakima's Let's Dance
(SU(u)CH Westerner Aquarious & Shakima's Lambada)
Owner: Ann-Catrine Bergh

Best Bitch 15-24 months/CK:
Maxi Mates Alpha Robe                                My favourite!
(Cardamine the Sable King & Maxi Mates American Robe)
Owner:Therése Corneliussson

Best Open Class Bitch/CAC/NUCH/SU(u)CH:
Häljans Let's Talk About Me
(KBHV98 SV01 SU(u)CH DKUCH VDHCH DECH Dan-L´s Let's Talk About Sex & SU(u)CH Paisley's Kiss'n Tell)
Owner: Ann Christin Nyman

Best Working Class Bitch/CK:
LUCH VDHCH Vignett's Blind Date
(SU(u)CH NUCH Vignett's Up And Down & Vignett's Touch Me Tiger)
Owner: Sarah Sjølin

Best Breeder's Group/HP:
Kennel Maxi Mates                                      The only kennel in Sweden where standard typed cocker spaniels are consistently bred! The recipe is obvious.
Owners: Eva Börtin Bergquist & Olle Börtin       

Best Junior Dog/CK:
Charbonnel Blue'n'yellow
(GBSHCH Lindridge Ticket To Ride & Charbonnel Pinny'n'pearls)
Owners: Theres & Börje Johansson

Best Dog 15-24 months/3rd Best Dog:
Maxi Mates Flying Dutchman
(Maxi Mates Minute Man & Maxi Mates Sovereign Robe)
Owner: Eva Börtin Berguist

Best Open Class Dog/CK:
Paisley's Fit For Fight
(SU(u)CH Woodman Black Petrs & Paisley's Eleanor Rigby)
Owner: Petra Funke

Best Veteran of Breed/CK:
SU(u)CH Quettadene Lancelot
(GBSHCH Perrytree Sun Dreamer & uettadene High Society)
Owners: Yvette & Desirée Widenor

2nd Best Junior Bitch/CK:
Shakima's Frosty Milk
(SU(u)CH Westerner Auarious & Shakima's What a Surprise)
Owner: Ann-Catrine Bergh

3rd Best Junior Bitch/HP:
Strandmarkens Julia
(Strandmarkens Spirit of Life & Strandmarkens Your Song)
Owner: Kristina Honnér

4th Best Junior Bitch/HP:
Field Pal Miss Strawberry
(SU(u)CH Backhills New Design & Backhills Kind O'Sweet)
Owner: Karin Kjärkner

5th Best Junior Bitch/HP:
Westerner Divine Magic
(Strawberry Line's Bounty & Westerner Delight)
Owner: Christina Lindh

2nd Best Bitch 15-24 months/CK:
Line Sam Always On the Sunny Side
(SU(u)CH DKUCH Soolon Sunny-Boy & Line Sam Again)
Owner: Tord Lundborg

3rd Best Bitch 15-24 months/HP:
Guldkulans Rose of Allandale
(SU(u)CH Quettadene Lancelot & Guldkulans Amber)
Owner: Agneta Sunduist Olofsson

4th Best Bitch 15-24 months/1:
Maxi Mates the Robe
(Maxi Mates Minute Man & Maxi Mates Sovereign Robe)
Owner: Eva Börtin Bergquist

5th Best Bitch 15-24 months/1:
Zazza Paa Duo's Dark Blue Angel
(Joycock's Zoolander & Joycock's Almost Famous)
Owner: Katarina Dehman

2nd Best Open Class Bitch/CK:
Suncox Nighty Night
(SU(u)CH Backhills For Your Eyes Only & Strandmarkens Golden Showers)
Owner: Susanna Lanelius

3rd Best Open Class Bitch/CK:
Tapioka's Flying Fortress
(Westerner Firefly & Tapioka's Bel Air)
Owner: Maria Ekstrand

4th Best Open Class Bitch/CK:
Suncox Night Wish
(SU(u)CH Backhills For Your Eyes Only & Strandmarkens Golden Showers)
Owner: Marina Aspelin

5th Best Open Class Bitch/1:
Maxi Mates Fifth Robe
(Cardamine the Sable King & Maxi Mates Sovereign Robe)
Owner: Eva Börtin Berguist

2nd Best Champion Bitch/2nd Best Bitch:
SU(u)CH Line Sam Cute Caroline
(Line Sam Piece of Cake & Line Sam Chorus)
Owner: Britt-Marie Johansson

3rd Best Champion Bitch/4th Best Bitch:
SU(u)CH Dualdigni's Kidney Bean
(SU(u)CH Westerner Auarious & Dualdigni's Garden Angel)
Owner: Marie Johansson

4th Best Champion Bitch/5th Best Bitch:
SU(u)CH DKUCH Allert's Victory Lap
(SU(u)CH VDHCH CHCH ESCH ATCH Corralet Tango & Allert's La Traviata)
Owners: Theres & Börje Johansson

5th Best Champion Bitch/CK:
Occis Dreamworld
(SU(u)CH VDHCH CHCH ESCH ATCH Corralet Tango & WW06 PLCH SU(u)CH KBHV05 DKUCH LUCH Travis Hold On To Your Dream)
Owner: Carita Malmgren

2nd Best Junior Dog/HP:
Puppy Dream's Eddie Murphy
(Windendavour's Cambeltown & Joycock's Another Angel)
Owner: Katarina Dehman

3rd Best Junior Dog/HP:
Bergkällans Chevrolet Impala
(SU(u)CH DKUCH Soolon Sunny-Boy & Bergkällans Yamaha Virago)
Owner: Ewa Nylin

4th Best Junior Dog/1:
Tullebyns Blackout
(SU(u)CH Woodman Black Petrs & Tullebyns Mini Eclaire)
Owner: Britt-Marie Juhlin Leek

5th Best Junior Dog/1:

2nd Best Dog 15-24 months/4th Best Dog:
Totenkopf Lagenfeld
(Bitcon Romancer At Auchterbank & Bencleuch Chocolate Dessert)
Owners: Agneta Sunduist Olofsson & Elisabeth Gunnebo

3rd Best Dog 15-24 months/CK:
Line Sam Some Say Love
(SU(u)CH DKUCH Soolon Sunny-Boy & Line Sam Miss Marmelstein
Owner: Tord Lundborg

4th Best Dog 15-24 months/HP:
Line Sam Catch the Moon
(Line Sam Signature & Line Sam Chorus)
Owner: Mona-Lisa Liljenberg

5th Best Dog 15-24 months/HP:
Dan-L's Dollar Sign
(USCH Ashgrove Brisbane & Dan-L's It's About Time)
Owner: Marie Johansson

2nd Best Open Class Dog/CK:
Windendavour's Cambeltown
(Wiljana Ragtrade & Allert'sw Lovely Godiva)
Owner: Ann-Christin Mälberg

3rd Best Open Class Dog/1:
Kriss Top's Singapore Sling
(SU(u)CH NUCH Travis Vital Spark & Kriss Top's History)
Owner: Margareta Pinotti

4th Best Open Class Dog/1:
DKUCH KBHV05 KBHV06 Sheerclever None So Welcome
(Wensum Irvine & NUCH SU(u)CH Claudette Most Welcome)
Owners: Elisabeth & Britt Andersson

5th Best Open Class Dog/1:
(SU(u)CH NUCH Allert's Pole Position & KBHV02 NORDUCH Allert's Hippi Dippi Runner)
Owner: Kristina Hellesöe Jolanta

2nd Best Champion Dog/2nd Best Dog:
DKUCH NORD&NUCH NordV04 PLCH SU(u)CH Paisley's Rumour
(SU(u)CH Claramand Shockwave & Paisley's Killer Queen)
Owners: Ann Christin Nyman & Helle Dan Pålsson

Champion Dog/no show:
SU(u)CH Mayday Ardbeg
(Cardamine Baked Potato & Vitahotellets Galadriel)
Owner: Anders Carlsson

Champion Dog/no show:
SU(u)CH Occis Clockstopper
(SU(u)CH NUCH Travis Vital Spark & Travis Ace of Base)
Owner: Owner: Britta Dafgård