A One's Cocker Spaniels
Hansi 9 weeks to nearly 13 years
1995 (born Aug 21)

1996 (4 CACs - debut June 30)

1997 (Top Winning Dog)

1998 (Cocker of the Year/VDHCH DECH)

1999 (Cocker of the Year)

2000 (Cocker of the Year)
2001 (Cocker of the Year/SU(u)CH)

2002 (Cocker of the Year)

2003 (Cocker of the Year/Crufts CC/Nordic Winner 2003)

2004 (KBHV2004/DKUCH)

2005 (Swedish Winner 2005)




It does not depend on what you want, it depends on what happens. You don't choose.
You don't choose your destiny, your parents or yourself, your strength or your character or the colour of your eyes or the windings in your brain.
Everybody understands that. But neither do you choose your wife or your lover or your children. Or your dogs.
You get them, and you have them, and it happens that you lose them.
But you don't choose them.

(free interpretation of Hjalmar Söderberg's 'Den allvarsamma leken' 1912)

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